CD Burners - A Must for your Center - During a visit with another of our favorite clients, we were elaborating our wonderful new CD Burner and and the fun we were having backing up our data on the $2 disks (which store some 700+MB each!!) and how we had begun to use it in many significant ways in our business, such as creating jazzy, wonderful CD's for our clients - and we were surprised to learn that they did not have one in any of their centers.  So we thought we would share a little info on them:  for a low cost investment into a quality CD Burner - we have a Yamaha and paid around $300, which included software for making the CD covers and case covers (Fellowes/Neato) -- and was that ever fun!!!  So much so, we went out and invested another $40 to purchase the software with even more jazzy templates, etc.  The case covers are called "jewel case inserts" and you design to your heart's content, then print off on special forms, like labels, so it's very easy to follow.  We bought the "high-gloss finish" for inserts and the photo quality matte finish for the CD labels.

More Ideas -    We see many web sites in a day, and thought this one tied right into the concept of the CD Burner:  Scan and Store for You.Com.

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