Michael Leslie, began his fascination with understanding how people understand designs at an early age. He began doing 3D CAD graphics while studying Science at University long before CAD was commonly accepted in industry. 

"There is always several stages of design understanding which is often only resolved for people when they see the built project."

Michael undertook a Masters Thesis; "Conveying Designs to the Public." The research compared traditional Architects plans (blueprints) with with artists impressions, CAD drawings and 3D computer generated models. The findings were significant enough to inspire him to dedicate the last 10 years of his life to improving computer generated visualisation.


                 Visualisation of a Suburban Development        Visualisation of an Apartment

"Visualization can really help in the design stage. It can eliminate building alterations during construction, assist with town planning approvals and ensures that the designer is delivering what the client wants. As a sales tool, good visualisation makes property transaction easier for everybody."

Sound Light And Motion (SLAM), the company Michael formed in 1995, has built up to 16 people and has been dedicated bringing Architects designs to life. Computer generated images, 3D animations, virtual walkthrough's, comprise most of their work.

"Through our work with real estate agents, we were frequently reminded that people had trouble reading plans and understanding the layout of a building. However it was too expensive to create visualisations for houses already built. So we began R&D on how we could reduce the cost to allow everybody to see building layouts."

Over the last 18 months the SLAM team have developed the techniques and technology to bring visualisation to the mass market.

          Apartment 3D FloorPlan            Office Building 3D FloorPlan                Office 3D FloorPlan

The product SLAM developed is a 3D Floor Plan: A computer generated model of a building created from flat, two-dimensional floor plans (blue-print). These 3D colour models are 'like a dolls house with the roof removed and show the relative positions of all major features.

"The human brain can understand shapes and spaces rapidly and effectively, it needs to do this to survive in a hostile environment: But it takes some time for us to work out the interrelationship between spaces. This is what 3D Floor Plans do best."

A 3D Floor Plan is inexpensive enough to allow anyone selling or leasing a house, or office to show the layout in a format everyone can understand.

"The 3D Floor Plans allow someone who has no experience in reading plans to understand a layout instantly. It is such a powerful tool, because it takes much of the guesswork out of sales and leasing property"

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