Recovering from Disk Failure  Don't panic, you have options in the event of a disk failure.  Data can, in most cases, be recovered.  We had a "near death" experience with data loss and want to share our success story.
In the event of disk failure, you can contact Ontrack and they can attempt to recover the data online real time, provided you have a modem connected to the computer.  It can be expensive, but amazing.  
The second option, is to remove the hard drive and take it to the nearest CompUSA. (We had already removed our hard drive, so this was the option we took.)  CompUSA charged us $49 and attempted to recover our data.  They were unable to, and provided us with the form to contact Ontrack and arrange for them to evaluate our disk.  The importance of going to CompUSA initially is that they have a contract with Ontrack which provides, for one thing, an incredible discount to restore the data - the normal pricing can be in the thousands of dollars - so you want the discount, even though it is an extra step and a little longer, because the discounts through CompUSA are substantial, e.g. you will either pay $595 or, if the hard drive is physically damaged and they have to work on it in the "clean room" it is $895.
We had a hard disk catastrophe at InterData in the process of what we thought was going to be a simple uninstall of an upgrade to Windows98SE that we had just loaded. Before it was over, in just minutes, it had corrupted the entire drive - it was beyond salvage.  We went through over three weeks of working with Microsoft tech support to finally ending up at CompUSA.  We have just received the restoration disks back (along with our hard drive) from Ontrack, and incredible - it was all there.  They were very professional, very there, and we are very grateful.  
It cost us $595 and worth every penny.  If you have a client that has the misfortune to get into this situation, you will literally be the "white knight" to the rescue.  These people really know what they are doing.  There is a $100 evaluation fee, but that is rolled into the price to fix.  They send you everything up front in writing, and you give your approval.  The results are returned to you on CD's and, well, it's all there.  
We were so impressed, we wanted to know if they would work with our industry in allowing us to mark up services to the clients and they have confirmed that they will.  You can discuss pricing and markups with Deb Runge at Ontrack at 1-800-972-2599, ext 4102.  
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