PROTECTION FROM DISASTERThere is a better way to protect the data.

Data recovery is a very valuable resource in the event of hard disk failure, but a power surge and other natural disasters can create barriers to recovery and add considerable expense.  Tape backups are both time consuming and difficult to process and manage.  Our discussions with center managers seems to point to the fact that clients are just not very interested in backing up their systems.  There is an acute tendency to believe that the disk failure just won't happen to them.

Where a backup can only protect the data in the event of loss (and only what is backed up), there is the very time consuming exercise of having to reload they operating system, the upgrades, the updates, the software programs, and on and on.  Many hours later, you are ready to restore the data you backed up.

We were excited to learn about a product from Symantec called Ghost that is not only easy to use, quick, it is very effective.  Ghost actually "mirrors" the hard drive, enabling you to restore the entire drive, including the operating systems, etc.  We wanted to perform some serious maintenance on our hard drives to restore its "youthful" performance which means copying all data and reformatting the drives.  Well, we certainly did not want to do that the "old fashioned way" described above - and we had received some data on Ghost inviting us to try it - so we did.  And it worked.  The program was very simple and straightforward and easy to use.  The restoration (although always very intimidating) was very smooth and flawless.  We booted each drive and they worked perfectly.

We talked with Binary Research who actually developed the program for Symantec and were very impressed with their support.  And the pricing for the program is also very amazing.  You will need to confirm, these are only estimates, but the software was about $18, and the license per computer depends on how many you purchase at one time.  The minimum is 10 and they are $15 each.  These prices make it a very practical service to offer for clients.  The hard drives can be backed up over a network, with the backup burned on CD's and stored for each client.  (We recommend off site storage.)  - and this service can be a part of a "tech support" package, further increasing monthly revenues.

For your convenience, there are two resources on the web, as well. Should you require immediate information on pricing and licensing or technical assistance, visit our Web site:

You may now also purchase Ghost or any of Symantec's Premier Value Licenses on-line and receive the product immediately via Electronic Software Distribution. That web address is


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