Some companies are offering to "pre-register" the new top level domain names.  One of the firms is charging $15 up front (non refundable), and then $49 once it is registered - so their total billing for just registering the name is $64 and then they charge the client whatever the cost of the domain name - usually $35 a year.

This is their agreement wording and I have substituted "your company name" in place of theirs.
"Here are the rules and disclaimer:  (your company name)   does NOT guarantee you will receive the name you pre-register. We will make every attempt to get you the name, but another company or individual may beat us to the punch. The $15.00 is NON-REFUNDABLE.  If we do successfully register your name, you will be charged an additional $49.00 successful registration fee. (your company name) is NOT responsible for any changes made to the new top level domain policy.  (your company name)  will NOT take more than one pre-registration per name. The Domain Name Owner will be responsible for any and all charges the top level domain company(ies) require. The new top level domains are expected to be available in the beginning of 2001. (your company name) make every effort to register your new top level domain as soon as they are available."

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