All merchants are required to adhere to MasterCard and Visa regulations when accepting these cards as a form of payment. Listed below are some of the prohibitions in complying with MasterCard and Visa regulations when processing transactions.


Please note:  We offer this list for information only and it is not intended to be comprehensive, nor accurate.  For complete, current and accurate information, we recommend contacting your merchant account vendor. 

  • Do not split a single transaction into multiple transactions to avoid any type of authorization request. This may occur in a deposit and balance situation. In this case, the words "deposit" and "balance" must be notated on each applicable sales draft. This also does not apply for separate items placed on separate sales drafts if a separate authorization is obtained for each item or if multiple cards are presented for one transaction and a separate authorization is obtained for each separate card transaction.
  • Do not impose a surcharge to the customer due to use of a MasterCard or Visa card for payment. A discount from the regular price may be offered for payment in cash.
  • Do not establish or post signs to indicate minimum or maximum transaction amounts below or above which the customer may not be able to use a MasterCard or Visa card for payment.
  • Do not sell, purchase, provide, exchange, or otherwise publish cardholder names or account information in any form obtained by reason of a MasterCard or Visa transaction.
  • Do not require the cardholder to record any card account information on an exterior portion of any order form to be mailed by the cardholder.
  • Do not charge a MasterCard or Visa card for any transaction representing a cardholder's existing debt that has been deemed to be uncollectible or has arisen from the dishonor of a cardholder's personal check.
  • Do not charge a cardholder for incidental charges such as damages to hotel rooms or rental cars without the cardholder's prior written authorization upon discovery.
  • Credit cards are not to be used for age verification. Authorized credit card usage can be issued to all age groups.

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