Designing Banners - we all need a little help, and this article Jim Daniels of JDD Publishing in Complete Results Marketing Newsletter was especially useful and we share it by permission.

"If you're marketing on the web, you've seen plenty of banners. After all, banners are everywhere. Sooner or later, you to will need your own banner to promote your site. The following information will help you do it right.


Designing your own banners has gotten much easier lately. Many  retail software stores now offer inexpensive software packages dedicated solely to banner creation! If you'd like to design a few banners without purchasing software, here are a few places you can do it online.

The Banner Generator by 

Hyperbannerís QuickBanner banner creation tool: 

PaceWorks Animated Banner Maker: 

MediaBuilder Animated Banner Maker: 


When designing your banners, try to keep them under 15K in size. The faster your banner loads, the more likely it is to be seen. Use short action phrases on your banners. 
   Although more than a few net vets have been hammering banners that say "Click Here" or "Click on Over", the fact remains that these banners are more effective. Also, use animated banners when you can. They are more effective than static banners.
   Use the ALT attribute in the image tags of your banners. Many people prefer to surf the web with images turned off. The ALT attribute will describe the content of your banner and bring some of these people to your site! It's as simple as adding the following into your image tags. alt="Your Description" For an example of what your code will look like, visit and check the tags that go with my banners. 

Article by Jim Daniels of JDD Publishing.

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