Industry bands together on the CMRA front.

Ali Abbasi of Business Center International shares what he has written and suggests, " Please make changes to make it specific to your center and to suit your needs. USPS will not pay attention if we use a form letter (all alike)."

Jack Pearce provided the following:  A rather long analysis of the new CMRA proposal as to OBC operations, treating with the issue of whether the USPS has the authority to impose these regulatons, including whether it has authority to cut off your mail if you do not comply with these regulations. The answers are No and No. I asked Jim Campbell, an old friend who is widely recognized as the most prominent authority on the USPS, to review this memo.  Jim agrees with it.
Also attached is a letter to USPS from one of my clients, Evanna Powell. She is a tad off on the authorities of the SBA and Labor Department, but everything else is smack on, as to my clients and what we offer them.

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